eReaders & eBooks in the Classroom

What am I going to do with an eReader in my classroom?!

Purchasing eBooks

Book View Cafe, an author run epublisher, is offering books at a great discount to libraries. It offers an “All You Can Read” program at 45% off retail for libraries. Here is the article from The Digital Shift talking about the new group.

I like how in the article, quotes from some of the authors in Book View Cafe want to get their books out to libraries unlike many publishers who are afraid of eBooks and their ease in illegally downloading. Here’s the question I have to ask, “How many of us buy books and just keep them to ourselves?” Even personal collections, many of us borrow books. Some of us go out and purchase our own copies, but any just borrow. I know that’s not illegal, but it does cost publishers in the long run… Just a thought.

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